Whoope doe me no harm

Twice mentioned in ACT IV, Scene 3 of Shakespeare’s The Winter tale, in the servant’s description of Autolycus‘ Repertoire. Chappell gives a tune from Corkine’s First Book of Ayres but the tune is the one quoted by Sir Frederick Bridge from a 17th century viol de gamba book. The words are from Westminster Drollery (1672).

1. The sweet pretty Jinny sat on a hill
When Johnny the swain her see :
He tun’d his quill and sang to her still
Whoop!  Jinny come down to me.

2. But she sang, but she sang, but she sang to him,
O do ye no harm to me.
So there on the hill, she sang to him still
Whopp! Do me no harm, good man.

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